effortlessly discover unique, custom-made products. seamlessly organize exclusive experiences.



Someone able to understand your preferences and anticipate your needs; to connect you with Italy’s most qualified and local artisans; and to take on the stress of planning and execution, so you don’t have to.

From effortlessly discovering unique, custom-made: couture, furnishings, and artifacts that perfectly match your personal style… to seamlessly planning your wedding at an exclusive villa in the Tuscan countryside. BONARTULIA has the network, insight, and capacity to deliver impeccable personalized service.


Think of BONARTULIA as your well-connected, dependable, “local friend,” with a meticulous eye for detail, discreet, and effective assistance.

BONARTULIA’s services range from personalized shopping to trip, event, and wedding planning. Let us know you are scheduling a visit to Italy and we will make it our mission to anticipate every detail and deliver the experience of a lifetime.

BONARTULIA also offers a variety of corporate services. From assistance with company events that accurately represent your brand, to ensuring and monitoring customer satisfaction (e.g. personalized overseas support, record keeping, etc.), we can help your business deliver.

Who is Giulia Scapecchi?

BONARTULIA is the organic development of a natural capacity and passion for helping customers discover the most talented and unique local artisans that match their personal style.

Giulia gained recognition for her ability to locate hard-to-find items, making the perfect gift suggestion, and assisting clients, both individual and corporate, towards exclusive and off-the-beaten track experiences.

Her talent and network stem from roots as a professional ballet dancer and over two decades working for Gucci, Ferragamo, Roberto Cavalli, and Bally. Enthusiasm, disciple, and perseverance are the qualities Giulia applies to her everyday life, personal and professional.


A visit with Florence’s most talented artisans
A day out in Tuscany's "Old Wild West"
Cinque Terre: Off the beaten path