A visit with Florence’s most talented artisans

Uscio e Bottega is a typical Florentine way of referring to when Artisans used to live near their workshops or, at times, inside them.

Experience a bespoke, off the beaten path itinerary, through selected, typical Florentine botteghe with your Personal Shopper.

Talented Artisans will open their doors to welcome you and they will show you their atelier: furniture restorers, leather workers, shoemakers, wood carvers, goldsmiths, silversmiths, mosaic artists, tailors, milliners, custom jewellery designers, potters, book binders, and many others.

Or maybe, experience an olfactory journey, visiting an exclusive Perfumer’s laboratory ….

In Florence you will be able to find many typical, handmade and really unique crafts. Your stay will be enriched by discovering the traditional secrets and curiosities of the arts and crafts that have made Florence famous over the centuries. Following in the path of the nineteenth-century Grand Tour tradition, you will be led on an exciting and wonderful journey.

1480715831 ©birgittebrøndsted 4700
1480715831 ©birgittebrøndsted 4700
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