A relaxed day-long outdoor wedding
"Kate and I aren't really wedding people, so we're coming into this without any preconceived ideas, meaning that we don't really care about tradition or formal ceremonies. We'd love to hear of any creative ideas you come up with".
This has been the first task that I've recevived from Ben&Kate the first time we talked about the wedding: challenging but exciting at the same time!
Three different set up: ceremony and brunch, a vertical wine tasting in a prestigious wine estate, an aperitif at sunset, followed by dinner and finally the party in a deconsecrated antique Church...
Supplier quality, great wines, excellent musicians, and really nice vibes created an unique and intimate atmosphere. 
A special thanks to Fra, who with his talent and exceptional "eye" contributed to make Ben&Kate day-long wedding unforgettable.
 Photo courtesy by Francesco Spighi Wedding Photographer
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